TED videos on phone with subtitles

May 20, 2010

There’s subtitles available on the TED website, can i have it offline?

Yes, you can! Superb conceptualization and implementation at – http://tedtalksubtitledownload.appspot.com/

You can get the .srt files from the above url, and merge them into the video file using a free application like Any Video Convertor (which itself is a GUI for ffmpeg)

Super! Now you have it! Really good thing to try, if you also spend 3-4 hrs in commute to work like i do.


If you haven’t ever watched a Ted video yet, check this out – http://www.ted.com/talks/hans_rosling_at_state.html. It’s one of the best talks I’ve heard on TED. I use miro to download videos from rss feeds. You can directly download from their webpage as well. They give you a direct download button for every talk in its webpage.

CraKS kicks off with Interviewing Upendra

February 2, 2009

Watch the “Making of Upendra’s Interview” –

and the “Upendra Interview”, the first video from CraKS ( Crazy Kannada Sangha, anyone suppose? )  –

i personally like the ‘making of’ video though