Moving on

December 25, 2011

The time has arrived.

I am now headed to tumblr, but this time with my own domain name.

I still remember the time I moved to wordpress from blogger. WordPress had been my platform of choice as they added features and faster and better than anyone else at that time.

Tumblr seems to be make it easy to use all kinds of media in our posts – short posts / long posts / photos / videos etc and I like that.

You can follow my posts at

TED videos on phone with subtitles

May 20, 2010

There’s subtitles available on the TED website, can i have it offline?

Yes, you can! Superb conceptualization and implementation at –

You can get the .srt files from the above url, and merge them into the video file using a free application like Any Video Convertor (which itself is a GUI for ffmpeg)

Super! Now you have it! Really good thing to try, if you also spend 3-4 hrs in commute to work like i do.


If you haven’t ever watched a Ted video yet, check this out – It’s one of the best talks I’ve heard on TED. I use miro to download videos from rss feeds. You can directly download from their webpage as well. They give you a direct download button for every talk in its webpage.

jobs status update graduates 2009

June 24, 2009

Had this in mind for sometime now, but could not get the exhaustive list. nonetheless, let me start with what I know and request your assistance in completing it.

This data is of IT and related companies, hires of 2009 batch from NITK only.

Name of Company No of people hired Status
Accenture 40 Started on Sep 1st
Aditi Technologies 7 Called to join on August 1st
Adobe 2 Joined (end April)
Analog Devices 1 Called to join sometime in May
Aricent 14 Joining 19th June or 7th July
Bank of America 4 Joined (mid June)
BMC Software 5 Called to join on 7th July
C-Dot 6 Called to join on 3rd August
Cdot Alcatel 8
Cisco 6 Called to join in September
Computer Associates 5 3 candidates called to join on 16th July. rest awaiting joining in August.
Computer Sciences Corp. 12
DE Shaw 4 Joined on 22nd June
Dell 3 Called to join in early July
Exeter 4 Deferred to 1st Quarter 2010
Futures First Info Services 5
Geodesic 2 Joined in June
Global Logic 6 Joining btw Jan-Jun 2010. Updates in Dec 2009
Goldman Sachs 5 Joined (June)
HP – STSD 8 1 lac pay slashed. Joined on 24th June
HP – consulting 14 Called to join 15th July
HSBC 7 Joined (June)
IBM interns of 3rd year Called to Join on 1st July
Iflex Solutions 2
Igate Solutions 3
Intuit 1 Called to join on 3rd August
ITC Infotech 11
Ittiam 5
Lister Technologies 3 Joined July 15th
McAffee 3 Called to join on 1st July
MuSigma Business Solutions 6 3 ppl inducted in June. Plus 1 lac pay slashed. Rest asked to hold on until December for updates.
NI 3 Called to join 1st July
NetApp 3 Called to Join 1st July
Nokia Siemens 14 13 candidates were told in mid-June that their offer does not hold anymore. 1 candidate was asked to join.
Nortel 1
Novell 4 Job offers deferred to March 2010. Internships offered instead, starting July 6th. Communicated in June
Nvidia 1 Called to join on 15th June
OnMobile 1 Called to join in July
Oracle 37 Different units inducted ppl through July.
Patni Computers 7
Phillips 4
Qwest Telecom 3
RedPine Systems 3 Called to join on 1st July
Samsung 7 Called to join in July
Sankalp Semiconductor 2 Deferred to March 2010
Satyam Computers 15
Sony 1
Strand Life Sciences 2
Sungard 1 Called to join on 14th July
Symbian 5 Called to join on 2nd July
Tata Teleservices 6
TCS 45
Tejas Networks 4
Texas Instruments 3
Thorogood Associates 3
Verizon 2 Called to join on 12th Aug
Wipro 11
Yahoo 2 Called to join either on 15th June or 22nd July
ZS Associates – consulting 10 Joined in mid June
ZS Associates – Software dev 5 Called to join on 24th August as yet.

I request you provide the missing information (or updates) to fill up the table. Also forward this to as many friends and ask them to fill in what they know. It is the only way this can be completed.

The purpose of this document is to congregate from the distributed network and provide information in one place for the benefit of whomsoever interested. I promise it will come to use for many people, and also act as a feedback mechanism to assist our juniors.

You can reach to me or provide the details in the comments section below.

kubuntu 9.04 – my experiences

June 9, 2009

Today, I installed Kubuntu 9.04

  • The Good
  1. installs from within windows on ntfs (i’ve stopped attempting to install suse and sabayon for this reason)
  2. detects wireless (no wireless problems in linux since two years now)
  3. isn’t crashing (not that i have used it much or pushed it, for that matter)
  4. looks beautiful (this is one important factor that is keeping me tied to this)
  5. KDE4 widgets are kick-ass. cool!!
  6. its closing on with Ubuntu wrt functionality (i fundamentally like KDE, was a GNOME user due to Ubuntu’s remarkable features)
  7. installing software is easy. (installed opera as binary, codecs and related stuff with kubuntu-restricted-extras apt meta-package, including flash and java)
  8. Bundles software for most requirements are very good. Definitely a plus over gnome apps, I personally feel.
  • The Bad
  1. Graphics issue. Drivers. Compiz doesn’t work. major blow. (I don’t care if it isn’t their issue. I am not blaming anyone. Just that, it doesn’t work for me)
  2. Restricted Hardware Driver isn’t mentioning that graphics card has propreitory driver. (I read that there isn’t one yet, for Jaunty+ATI)
  3. Sound from two sources – still buggy (youtbe in opera didn’t give sound with amarok paused)
  4. window manager themes could be better. (The destop looks beautiful, the windows not anywhere so)
  5. mouseless operation not comfortable (maybe its just me, being new to this desktop environment. buttons are tiny, mouse usage reqd is heavy)
  6. Keyboard media keys didn’t work out-of-the-box. configured them for amarok alone, but yet they don’t act as global shortcuts now.

Its otherwise a very good software. Remarkable in the fact that it is all this, and yet free. who are these ppl who write this software?? where are they? @

screenshot –

better car headlights

June 4, 2009

ever wondered, why turning in the dark is so difficult ?

because, if the road is not well lit, while turning, you can’t see the road beyond the turn due to the lack of light.

the headlights of the car would be directed straight forward.

why not, in case the headlights are turned on, upon turning on the turn indicator lights, switched on an additional light to the direction of the turn.

i’ve put a simple image to depict the spread of light that can be realized –

maybe I should patent this.

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She was a gem

December 6, 2008

She was a gem. in whatever mankind has realized as the point of being, she was complete. It is a sad day on earth when she has to take leave. She doesn’t. She survives; in the lessons people have learnt from being with her.

Everyone, Everyone has felt her pleasantness. Her kindness shows in the words of regard from the street vegetable vendor. She has lived a life, a life of care to the ones she loved. She was like, as they say, a duck, calm and pleasant on the outside, incessantly paddling through the difficulties of life on the inside. She has had more than her share in many ways, and she has borne it with courage.

There are many kinds of people in this world, and the people who care for fellow beings, take the cake. in real, there is no cake. but there is, on the inside, for them. and it is the knowledge of this pleasure alone, that consoles me. next time they say it is not how many days we live but rather how we live that matters, i’ll remember her.

She was truly concerned; concerned in the well-being of everyone. what is the point of being , if not being like her. It is this spirit she is leaving with us, and that is the torch to our future.

mobile game

June 23, 2008

ok. here’s a game!

go through your phone book and find two numbers that are closest to each other!

yeah i understand the complexity. don’t tell O(n) or O(n^2).

i got one with a difference of 7!

wrt the one mentioned above, i’ll give you a hint. one’s a prolific linux user in NITK and command line freak! 😀

find the other!

PS: by reading this post you are sworn into complete secrecy (reagarding this post) by farmer and soil!

PPS: ‘heights of joblessness’ khayam rahe