CNR Rao as Chairman, Science and Technology vision group.

May 11, 2009

today – Bangalore’s edition TOI had PM’s generosity sees 30 others get minister rank.

but did u read, in page 5  the details?

one item caught my eye – CNR Rao 

CNR Rao was appointed as chairman, science and technology vision group.

Read up on the internet abt CNR Rao if u don’t know much abt him. I tell you – this is good news.



Picasa3 from Google

February 12, 2009

Turns out Picasa3 from Google is pretty damn good.

organizes your photos well.

export to html and other few other neat features built-in

creates world-class photo collages – the feature I liked most

one software that meets my usability and quality expectations 😛

download from if you don’t already have it, and try out

world’s longest comment

July 8, 2008

today, after readding a very interesting blog post here, i started writing in the comments. it carried on and on and on, like had never happened before! after a full blog posts’ worth of material, finally i stopped. read it here. of course if its not removed by the author for having exceeded the readers patience.

it was through my RSS reader google reader, but now you can even insert ads in feeds – check out [and google bought it recently].

and had gone https – to add new post, to change settings, everything. and 256 bits! hmm. wonder if it’ll hurt mobile bloggers. [what Sid ?]

and tag suggest! at least the first time i’m seeing it!

ubuntu hardy

June 19, 2008

yeah. after much deliberation i wrote the hardy distro to a cd and installed it. it took many attempts, the md5sum of the iso being fine. i couldn’t think of why the CD wouldn’t boot. pachi suggests that it could be a burning error. (twice, huh!) it happens to be that. the 3rd time, when i wisely use a rewritable cd – it all works fine !

anyway, why i am mentioning this at all is because – for the first time compiz does work as intended on my computer without noticeable drag.

i remember having put much effort a year and a half ago, with suse. it’d worked decently.

after i’d switched to ubuntu a little later, it never did work. i had come to believe my graphics processor won’t support it until Vista beta came along and aero worked fine ! if windows can do it. so should ubuntu. after that, every distribution release, i’ve been upgrading / installing and it hadn’t come close to working fine yet.

that’s it. it’s cool. not that it’s a wonder. but still..

PS: two unsettled issues yet – playing rmvb on totem (solved after installing realplayer for linux), and low video quality (compared to windows, yea surely).

looks good though and is visibly faster. even the internet connection seems much much faster , comes as a surprise !!

like someone said –

“Linux is only free if you don’t count your time”

but still better than my windows? where network doesn’t work. network stops working after arbit amounts of time after login.

google it. happens to many (no its not your ISP issue). try Winsock Fix. slightly better i feel, but not alright!

Hardy is good. i now only miss some 3rd party software (and better video)

long time draft. was pending publish.

firefox 3 download day

June 18, 2008


its well past the said time, confusion all over.

considering they advertized it all over and they had reasonable time after receiving the pledges , they should have done better.

hold on a sec , as i write this and try again. a few mins have passed now. it’s now serviced and works. and the download was pretty fast too. less than a minute!


pretty cool!

you can still download until wednesday 18th june (supposedly IST 10 30PM. calculations didn’t come easy to me) to come under the world record.

more about opera 9.5 and Firefox 3 in another post.

in the age of short vision statements

June 17, 2008

Vision : World domination

-Chinmaya Holla, suggesting a vision statement that in the age where several technology companies keeping their vision short, cover the intended objective 😛

Opera 9.5

June 12, 2008

Opera 9.5 - beautifully engineered