What might religion look like, if it were invented today?

June 17, 2009

“If Email were to be invented today, what could it look like?”, this was the vision that started Google Wave. I hope you have all watched the Google Wave demo (if not, you certainly should). remarkable vision, true innovation, deservingly acclaimed by many.

Now, isn’t this a question we must ask ourselves more often? Get a new perspectives that we fail to, many a time..

I was wondering just how would religion be if it were invented today. Now, religion is a large part of our lives, I say this because a majority of the world’s population follow some known religion. There is speak of diversity being essential, and many religions also contain in their preachings that it is the only true true religion.

I do not have answer to this. I must think about it myself, too. You too think about it, and maybe pen it down.

so here’s what I though of, my 3 commandments –

  1. do and let do
  2. everyone is equal
  3. have patience o wise one

wow! the requirements have consequences that are far reaching. this can perhaps be a very good test of the ultimate knowledge and learnings of a person.
while doing your list, remember – your system has to work even if _everyone_ follows it. Religion is devised for the masses, estimate their capacities. (precisely for this reason, religion has to change with the changing masses)

I do urge you this time, to take a minute off and answer the question seriously. looking forward to knowing your thoughts.


June 16, 2009

QOTD (quote of the day)

It is hardly as if women leaders do not wield real power in India. 255 Lok Sabha seats have been won in the 2009 elections by parties where women are the absolute and unchallenged leaders. In spite of this, we have seen no change in the number of women Parliamentarians. The idea of reserving seats for a group is based on the pectation that when they come to power, they will use it to help other less fortunate members of the group. Clearly that expectation has been definitively belied.

– Santosh Desai writes in “Gender Reservations” under City City Bang Bang, Times of India, Bangalore, Page 8, June 15th 2009.

SOTD (software of the day :P)

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the-post-before-the-election post

May 9, 2008


long time i know, but i’ve come to terms that this is the way it works!

12 30 am. too sleepy. but its too good a material to let pass.

elections tomo. not much campaigning i’ve seen. wonder where in karnataka the CM’s of probably 10 other states are campaigning.

it was in the news yesterday about Reliance Petroleum closing all its 1500 odd retail branches. Reason – pricing and losses with the govt selectively compensating PSU retailers. what shame. first of all to be controlling oil rates, and then for giving away someones your money to selective people for the profit of the govt. outright fraud.

And the thing about petrol prices is, it is only after govt takes away its _due_ custom duties. of how much ? around 130%, eh ? the price shows. Its where the Govt is making its money.

Shell India is also closing operations and it would be sad to see them go given their service and product quality setting new standards in the retail pertol stations. Sadly, i also think it’s the second time for Burma Shell! after 30 yrs again, at this time, when the world looks at India as a fast developing country!

On a totally unrelated note however and incidentally, i’d been to a Reliance Petro retial last week. The guy didn’t agree for payment by card. Either he was not following the guidelines or Reliance retail has a lot to learn!

Also on another unrelated note, Reliance Wellness and Reliance Jewelery have quite recently opened up in Bangalore.