Snape… Snape… Severus..Snape!

July 25, 2008

Last time they were in India, Deepta and Surabi had shown this video.. Well, for all us potter crazy ppl then, it was a very catchy tune 😛

Today, it appeared in Flock’s media bar, as YouTube’s top rated videos..

well, enjoy..
[watch until the ‘wu wu hahahah hu haha.. volde-mort, volde-mort, uh.. volde-volde-volde-voldemort‘ :D]

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March 3, 2008

you certainly know how bad it feels to get back to work from a holiday. it feels to get back to the schedule; work on deadlines ;); and get work done (ROTFL).more so when there are things that were kept pending and all has to happen at once and the time chosen is the next few days! again, it may look so from here but trying to look back from one month ahead, things would have happened as usual. deadlines would have been met (that is if they can’t be pushed;)). life happens. 😦 ? maybe, until the next holiday.. ( whaaat? )

reminds me of movie ‘click’, wherein he zooms past time with his universal remote control. Pretty nice..

Watched ‘vantage point’ today. Rest-day after inci. Decent-good. Would rate it 7.75 8 on 10.