TED videos on phone with subtitles

May 20, 2010

There’s subtitles available on the TED website, can i have it offline?

Yes, you can! Superb conceptualization and implementation at – http://tedtalksubtitledownload.appspot.com/

You can get the .srt files from the above url, and merge them into the video file using a free application like Any Video Convertor (which itself is a GUI for ffmpeg)

Super! Now you have it! Really good thing to try, if you also spend 3-4 hrs in commute to work like i do.


If you haven’t ever watched a Ted video yet, check this out – http://www.ted.com/talks/hans_rosling_at_state.html. It’s one of the best talks I’ve heard on TED. I use miro to download videos from rss feeds. You can directly download from their webpage as well. They give you a direct download button for every talk in its webpage.

Emergency contact numbers of family members

June 6, 2009

Here, I am talking NOT about 112/108/911 kind-of emergency, but instead about the first point of personal contact like family or friends.

Is there a standard protocol to save emergency contact numbers in mobile phones?

How about SpeedDial 2 being used for the emergency number? (Like SpeedDial 1 is reserved for voicemail. )

Enforcing end users to set it manually, is of-course not a good solution, and would only work with people who are aware and enthusiastic. 

However, there is scope for this to be done in the network end, if the required no is taken during subscriber registration.

The user, signing up for the connection, provides the next-to-kin/family/friend emergency contact number and that is stored in the network —> using SpeedDial 2 (press and hold button 2) —> phone sends request to the network to connect to the emergency family member number provided by the subscriber —> and the call is thus routed beyond.

There is also scope for mulitple numbers to be defined and fallback in case of non-availability of the primary emergency phone no, right?

What do u think? (there’s always the comments section for feedback 🙂

PS: another use-case : If u find someone’s lost phone, what number in there do u try to contact? the first number in the phonebook? how relevant would that be to the situation? you’ll look for “Home” ? (that’s smart, isn’t it :P) isn’t there a need to find his/her “primary” alternate contact number..

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Picasa3 from Google

February 12, 2009

Turns out Picasa3 from Google is pretty damn good.

organizes your photos well.

export to html and other few other neat features built-in

creates world-class photo collages – the feature I liked most

one software that meets my usability and quality expectations 😛

download from http://picasa.google.com/ if you don’t already have it, and try out

world’s longest comment

July 8, 2008

today, after readding a very interesting blog post here, i started writing in the comments. it carried on and on and on, like had never happened before! after a full blog posts’ worth of material, finally i stopped. read it here. of course if its not removed by the author for having exceeded the readers patience.

it was through my RSS reader google reader, but now you can even insert ads in feeds – check out feedburner.com [and google bought it recently].

and wordpress.com had gone https – to add new post, to change settings, everything. and 256 bits! hmm. wonder if it’ll hurt mobile bloggers. [what Sid ?]

and tag suggest! at least the first time i’m seeing it!

mobile game

June 23, 2008

ok. here’s a game!

go through your phone book and find two numbers that are closest to each other!

yeah i understand the complexity. don’t tell O(n) or O(n^2).

i got one with a difference of 7!

wrt the one mentioned above, i’ll give you a hint. one’s a prolific linux user in NITK and command line freak! 😀

find the other!

PS: by reading this post you are sworn into complete secrecy (reagarding this post) by farmer and soil!

PPS: ‘heights of joblessness’ khayam rahe

sms chaos!

June 19, 2008

chintan breaks from his coding to send me this link . good one . enjoY!


phone memory card – reset password

March 2, 2008

it so happened that the micro sd card of my friend got locked with a password yesterday, allegedly by a device malfunction.

anyway, we set out to unlock it. tried the usual passwords and stuff and the default ones. Next, attempted to format it, it still asked for the pass. Next, got an micro sd adapter for mini sd and attached it to the computer. It didn’e even mount. A normal password-less card automatically mounts and is seen like another drive. but not password protected ones. next what ? couldn’t format it either.

Google! it didn’t take much time to see that many had faced similar problems (usual, ain’t it ) and had discussed them. fine. few solutions were given. most required a file system browser to read the card contents from the phone (wasn’t explained how it gets permit, linked usually was a symbian software (not supported on my phone) or keeping the card in a freezer overnight(which again, was not available here;). in the middle of this, i tried to boot to windows hoping that it’ll somehow work in windows, only to find that windows wasn’t booting at all.

The issue was this – to make the password protection possible, the password has to be within the memory card. else it will not be protected in another reader. Secondly, the reading device had to cross check the password entered with the original password stored in the card. for this, it has to given read access to the password location.

It so happens the password is stored in plain text in a file in the root of the mmc. given sufficiently low level access, i can read it. Now, with this being a mobile phone, the communication is of a different type. it is not seen as a familiar /dev/sdx nor do i know if the usual mount does the job.

issue still remains unsolved. solutions welcome. btw, a fixboot and fixgrub from the rescue terminal got windows booting again.

i hope to document here, in due time, an easy way to understand clearly how it works, what can be done in case passwords are forgotten and how they can possibly be better implemented