Achievers of Excellence – Talk by Harsha Bhogle

January 20, 2010

A couple of days back, I was forwarded this link, most likely by pachi.

Its a talk by Harsha Bhogle at IIM-A, about life, his college, professional career, personal ideals beautifully analysed and presented. Highly inspirational. Lot to learn about life, career and excellence from this man.

A must-watch, though agreeably, its a bit long. Trust me, take time out and watch it within this week, you’ll love it.

Original resource credit – brijux

Part 1

Part 2

To pre-empt or not to pre-empt?

January 14, 2010

Life is a scheduling game.

How many things do we continue to do, just because we have started them?

Shouldn’t we try to be more productive, by learning to stop doing some things halfway, when required, and move on.

It does take some effort; after all, isn’t that exactly newton’s first law?

[The other case in Newton’s first law is a more observed problem, however. The effort it takes to start doing something new.]

where’s all your money?

October 17, 2009

it happened to me

What might religion look like, if it were invented today?

June 17, 2009

“If Email were to be invented today, what could it look like?”, this was the vision that started Google Wave. I hope you have all watched the Google Wave demo (if not, you certainly should). remarkable vision, true innovation, deservingly acclaimed by many.

Now, isn’t this a question we must ask ourselves more often? Get a new perspectives that we fail to, many a time..

I was wondering just how would religion be if it were invented today. Now, religion is a large part of our lives, I say this because a majority of the world’s population follow some known religion. There is speak of diversity being essential, and many religions also contain in their preachings that it is the only true true religion.

I do not have answer to this. I must think about it myself, too. You too think about it, and maybe pen it down.

so here’s what I though of, my 3 commandments –

  1. do and let do
  2. everyone is equal
  3. have patience o wise one

wow! the requirements have consequences that are far reaching. this can perhaps be a very good test of the ultimate knowledge and learnings of a person.
while doing your list, remember – your system has to work even if _everyone_ follows it. Religion is devised for the masses, estimate their capacities. (precisely for this reason, religion has to change with the changing masses)

I do urge you this time, to take a minute off and answer the question seriously. looking forward to knowing your thoughts.

Things that I want to do in my vacation

June 5, 2009

Thought if i don’t put up a list, i’ll never know at the end of the vacations, if I did well

  • Read
  1. in spite of the gods – i’ve started
  2. the lord of the rings
  3. the mahabharata
  • Watch
  1. all good movies from “my movie collection”
  2. all enjoyable tv series’ from “my tv series collection”
  3. some tv
  • Do
  1. play badminton
  2. sit around at home (aaah.. does this qualify as a todo list item.. life!)
  3. music classes maybe?
  4. fix some stuff around home

I know.. the Watch part is a bit humungous, bit I’d really like to complete the rest in full

open source and job market

June 5, 2009

I am asked by many people of the working model of open-source software.

How can ppl give away their effort for free?

Why do ppl give away their effort for free?

While I myself am learning and ask the readers to put down their thoughts in the comments, the open source world is huge and complex and there are many facets to it.

At the bottom of it all, some acts don’t have reason. and other acts are initiated by these acts.  There could be a wish to get the needful done, and I could spend my time and effort to reach the goal.  Its like gardening. Leave that aside, for now.

Open source software did not not come into the top-100 searched term (is it?) for that alone. I wish to present a case (probably well used, given the generality of this) to show why a process which is bigger than just a few people should exist, and why it’ll help the people who are themselves the target segment of the processes.

Say there’s a person who is looking out for a job in the market and is having difficulty finding one, due to the present circumstances.

Polishing his skills is the best thing he could do in this time, along with spending time to look for opportunities.

It is just more convenient to show results, say in the form of involvement and contribution to a known open source software, wherein the processes dictate that you should be capable else it filters you out of the system, better than leaving it to chance in the interview?

There is sometimes a the-hen-and-egg reference quoted to say that opportunity alone provides further (future) opportunity and it is impossible to get into the loop without.

Take up an open source project. Work on it. You will be working with people in tougher circumstances than in normal IT companies. It demands high level of skills, technical and personal, which act as testimony to your capabilities in times of need, or right away.

Think. Create. Engineer 😛

The Tipping Point

February 10, 2009

Ah! Again, we come here. The impact of the first impression

Assume –

A person associated with a tribe starts a conversation with you and leaves a very bad impression.

The image of the whole tribe is affected by that individual. Is it right ?

To an extent yes, maybe no. But surely the image in your mind is right if the leader of the tribe witnesses it and ignores it/takes his associates’ side.

They may be right. You may be right.

But you are entitled to your opinion on them. And you can share it with your tribe.

Nothing wrong.