Phone conversation lengths

March 13, 2010

I felt, recently that while speaking to ppl after a long time, there are hardly things to talk..

duration of phonecall per rate of phonecall

Now, have you felt it? Why is it so? My hypothesis is that when looking at life in a long-term perspective, there’ll be little that is off-average which can be spoken about. Of the short term, the variance will be more.

events happening in life over time ( couple of months covered in this graph, say)

where’s all your money?

October 17, 2009

it happened to me

Things that I want to do in my vacation

June 5, 2009

Thought if i don’t put up a list, i’ll never know at the end of the vacations, if I did well

  • Read
  1. in spite of the gods – i’ve started
  2. the lord of the rings
  3. the mahabharata
  • Watch
  1. all good movies from “my movie collection”
  2. all enjoyable tv series’ from “my tv series collection”
  3. some tv
  • Do
  1. play badminton
  2. sit around at home (aaah.. does this qualify as a todo list item.. life!)
  3. music classes maybe?
  4. fix some stuff around home

I know.. the Watch part is a bit humungous, bit I’d really like to complete the rest in full

Picasa3 from Google

February 12, 2009

Turns out Picasa3 from Google is pretty damn good.

organizes your photos well.

export to html and other few other neat features built-in

creates world-class photo collages – the feature I liked most

one software that meets my usability and quality expectations 😛

download from if you don’t already have it, and try out

CraKS kicks off with Interviewing Upendra

February 2, 2009

Watch the “Making of Upendra’s Interview” –

and the “Upendra Interview”, the first video from CraKS ( Crazy Kannada Sangha, anyone suppose? )  –

i personally like the ‘making of’ video though

Top 3 Team Names at Inscription

January 25, 2009

Team names that I found the best in today’s event – Inscription (it is an online coding event), part of ENGINEER 2009

1. returnVoid point_of_life() ?
2. pushpendragold Chavanaprash GOLD 😀
3. Skywalker knows his chances 😛

Snape… Snape… Severus..Snape!

July 25, 2008

Last time they were in India, Deepta and Surabi had shown this video.. Well, for all us potter crazy ppl then, it was a very catchy tune 😛

Today, it appeared in Flock’s media bar, as YouTube’s top rated videos..

well, enjoy..
[watch until the ‘wu wu hahahah hu haha.. volde-mort, volde-mort, uh.. volde-volde-volde-voldemort‘ :D]

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