jobs status update graduates 2009

Had this in mind for sometime now, but could not get the exhaustive list. nonetheless, let me start with what I know and request your assistance in completing it.

This data is of IT and related companies, hires of 2009 batch from NITK only.

Name of Company No of people hired Status
Accenture 40 Started on Sep 1st
Aditi Technologies 7 Called to join on August 1st
Adobe 2 Joined (end April)
Analog Devices 1 Called to join sometime in May
Aricent 14 Joining 19th June or 7th July
Bank of America 4 Joined (mid June)
BMC Software 5 Called to join on 7th July
C-Dot 6 Called to join on 3rd August
Cdot Alcatel 8
Cisco 6 Called to join in September
Computer Associates 5 3 candidates called to join on 16th July. rest awaiting joining in August.
Computer Sciences Corp. 12
DE Shaw 4 Joined on 22nd June
Dell 3 Called to join in early July
Exeter 4 Deferred to 1st Quarter 2010
Futures First Info Services 5
Geodesic 2 Joined in June
Global Logic 6 Joining btw Jan-Jun 2010. Updates in Dec 2009
Goldman Sachs 5 Joined (June)
HP – STSD 8 1 lac pay slashed. Joined on 24th June
HP – consulting 14 Called to join 15th July
HSBC 7 Joined (June)
IBM interns of 3rd year Called to Join on 1st July
Iflex Solutions 2
Igate Solutions 3
Intuit 1 Called to join on 3rd August
ITC Infotech 11
Ittiam 5
Lister Technologies 3 Joined July 15th
McAffee 3 Called to join on 1st July
MuSigma Business Solutions 6 3 ppl inducted in June. Plus 1 lac pay slashed. Rest asked to hold on until December for updates.
NI 3 Called to join 1st July
NetApp 3 Called to Join 1st July
Nokia Siemens 14 13 candidates were told in mid-June that their offer does not hold anymore. 1 candidate was asked to join.
Nortel 1
Novell 4 Job offers deferred to March 2010. Internships offered instead, starting July 6th. Communicated in June
Nvidia 1 Called to join on 15th June
OnMobile 1 Called to join in July
Oracle 37 Different units inducted ppl through July.
Patni Computers 7
Phillips 4
Qwest Telecom 3
RedPine Systems 3 Called to join on 1st July
Samsung 7 Called to join in July
Sankalp Semiconductor 2 Deferred to March 2010
Satyam Computers 15
Sony 1
Strand Life Sciences 2
Sungard 1 Called to join on 14th July
Symbian 5 Called to join on 2nd July
Tata Teleservices 6
TCS 45
Tejas Networks 4
Texas Instruments 3
Thorogood Associates 3
Verizon 2 Called to join on 12th Aug
Wipro 11
Yahoo 2 Called to join either on 15th June or 22nd July
ZS Associates – consulting 10 Joined in mid June
ZS Associates – Software dev 5 Called to join on 24th August as yet.

I request you provide the missing information (or updates) to fill up the table. Also forward this to as many friends and ask them to fill in what they know. It is the only way this can be completed.

The purpose of this document is to congregate from the distributed network and provide information in one place for the benefit of whomsoever interested. I promise it will come to use for many people, and also act as a feedback mechanism to assist our juniors.

You can reach to me or provide the details in the comments section below.


44 Responses to jobs status update graduates 2009

  1. Chintan says:

    Good idea 🙂

  2. sagar says:

    Could you please correct Netapp joining date, its 1st July not 1st June. Thnx

  3. Ashes says:

    Thanks man !

    Junior here, these statistics will surely help us ! will fwd it to all , if u don mind !

  4. suhas says:

    Thanks alot for this

  5. ashish jain says:

    Hey thanks a lot for the list! Hopefully will help us decide which company to aim for first.

  6. Amit says:

    ZS Associates sd group joining is on 24th august as of now…

  7. Madhava K R says:

    Yahoo has given two joining dates : 15th June or 22nd July.

  8. Harjot says:

    CA(computer associates).. 3 out of 5 guys hav been called to join by 16th july… 2 still to get the date..,. don know on wat basis they called those 3 but i think its due to sm project starting… rest 2 r probably goin to joiin by 1st week of august.. will update soon….

  9. Bhargavi says:

    Nvidia called joining date on 15 june 😛

  10. ND says:

    BMC Software – July 7th .. joining date 🙂

  11. Vinay rao says:

    Hi nice idea :), Aricent has given 2 joining dates 19th june and 6th july

  12. Tapesh says:

    Aricent : Joining on July 7,2009 for most of my batch

    Oracle SSI : Nothing as of yet, may be July end 😦

    Oracle Apps : Joining Date of June 29, 2009

    McAfee : Turned all interns into Employees

    • adityabheemarao says:

      Added all info. Thanks. Can u provide more info on Oracle SSI? everyone else have been called in by now, that’s why.

  13. Tapesh says:

    Intuit : August 3, 2009

  14. Avinash A says:


    Nice compilation.

    About Sankalp Semiconductors, placement has been deferred till March 2010.


  15. Akhil Shanbhag says:

    Remeber Manish saying he joined DE SHAW on june 22nd.

  16. Akhil Shanbhag says:

    IBM, Interns offered Full time jobs, Joining on July 1st.

  17. Goutham says:

    HP Software (STSD) Started working today. 3 of us

  18. anoop says:

    for c dot joining is on 3rd august.They are also giving place of preference to people:)

  19. Asha says:


    Novell has not withdrawn the job offers. It has deferred it to March 31st 2010. Offered internship till then, starting 6th July. Also, NI joining date is 1st July not 1st June.


  20. Great work! Nice compilation. Will be of great help to the juniors!!!

  21. yashwanth says:

    great job da!!

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  23. Iyer, Shashi says:

    Boy, Bheem, I guess people will be happier knowing the synopsis of the job profile more than how many people are picked up by each company. That information’s also available on the net.

    • adityabheemarao says:

      yea, that would definitely help.
      accounting the status of the offers was the primary intention of this particular post.
      I’ll suggest one of the junior placement coordinators take up the task of talking to the seniors and preparing a database with the information you mentioned. it’ll be very valuable.

  24. Harish Iyer says:

    Nice, but hopefully by next May things will be much better in terms of companies keeping their offers on time. SO don’t worry too much , go ahead with the best profile and package companies

  25. Tapesh says:

    Oracle SSI (Consultancy) has been telling that everybody will be hired but is a bit vague on when part of it.
    12 were hired from NITK and I guess 4 out of them have joined elsewhere.

  26. Prathik says:

    Exeter. Joining deferred to sometime in 1st quarter of 2010.

  27. Sruthi Lanka says:

    Hey Bheemboy 🙂

    I think it’s also a good idea to keep track of how many people joined in all of the above companies. Should help in the future.

    All 5 joined Goldman Sachs.


  28. rajarshi says:

    lister probably joined on 15th june…not sure..

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