full page zoom coming on Google Chrome, and soon ?

I definitely see page zoom being available on SRWare Iron (A browser based on the free Sourcecode “Chromium”,  explicitly disabling the collection and transmission of usage information to Google)

check out these screenshots of – the original, as seen in Iron , and as seen in Chrome  [in that order]

these are with the latest versions released of each software, Iron, and Chrome (notice the higher verison number of Iron)

Since SRWare Iron is based on chromium, and that in turn on  WebKit, which apparently has page zoom available in its nightly builds, we could be seeing the much required page zoom feature in Google Chrome soon (so also in Apple’s Safari, since it uses the same framework –  WebKit )

I currently am not comfortable using Chrome as my primary web-browser, due to the lack of many basic functionalities.

Another reason could be that it is not currently available on Linux, which i often use 

Nonetheless, it is a very quick application, and noticably fast. It will definitely be more interesting in its version2.


2 Responses to full page zoom coming on Google Chrome, and soon ?

  1. Wolf13 says:

    Any statistics on how many people actually have been thrown out of the military for asking? ,

  2. Boy55 says:

    We can not escape our punishment. ,

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