YouTube registration mishap

I tried to create a new YouTube channel today and the only way i could do it was by creating another account. Alright, it’s their service. Use if i like it attitude, i went on to create a new user.

I filled the form, entered the captcha, and viola :

I was greeted with this message –

youtube registration failure

youtube registration failure

I tried again. and again and again. with a new google account once. with strictly strong passwords once.

Then I assumed they are trying to encourage ppl to login with their google accounts, and tried that as well. Totally 10 ( TEN) times.

To no gain.

More irriating is that fact that the error message does not contain any kind of debug information to handle the issue reasonably.

Am I not being allowed to signup because of my name ? my password ? my nationality ? gender ? username preference ? talk to me and i’ll deal with it..

  • #UPDATE – tried clearing cookies and cached content, and it signed up fine. wonder if it is a browser issue or if it is YouTube.

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