Top 3 Team Names at Inscription

January 25, 2009

Team names that I found the best in today’s event – Inscription (it is an online coding event), part of ENGINEER 2009

1. returnVoid point_of_life() ?
2. pushpendragold Chavanaprash GOLD 😀
3. Skywalker knows his chances 😛

The Overnight Millioniare Scam

January 25, 2009

There are four ways to make a million dollars.

Luck. Patient effort. Skill. Risk.

(Five if you count inheritance, and six if you count starting with two million dollars).


again from seth’s blog

what Indian Universities have to do to improve knowledge generation ?

January 12, 2009

The whole environment is the dangerous silent con. is it not in your interest to produce quality research? then prepare the students to match that quality. Lead, and they’ll follow.

Its not that the students are incapable. they are all the same. the same kind you have seen in the IIT’s and MIT’s perhaps. Treat them like you want them to be, and they learn to be that person.

good research is not about arbitrary bright ideas. its systematic. how is, what we see being done, “systematic”?
its arbit. most of the undergrad studens do not know any math beyond baye’s theorem, even if they do – they have no clue why or when it can be used

how do you suppose the same candidates go on to write world-class applications and products the following year for the companies that hire them . because there is a system in there, that ppl can follow. more than anything else, the expectations are set and the environment facilitates the production of quality work. human resource is respected and treated like an asset.

looking into samples of work that are being generated even now, it humbles me to watch that, ppl have responded beautifully to the whatever little support they have received. some of them manage their academics with the quality work that they deliver alongside (sometimes , to the ignorance of the administration). look at the research happening in collaboration with several corporates, contributions to several open source projects which are, best-of-all managed in a distributed environment, with contributors from world-over. these are however, little spurts of brilliance being displayed.

The capacity to scale excellence to huger volumes very much exists. and that is not an opportunity every community can boast of. and it is the responsibility of educational institutions to work hard to create the ecosystem that benefits the country from all the brilliant young individuals they have sponsored education for. The asset definitely belongs to the country, and the current ignorance is leading to a collective loss of scale that is heart-breaking.

This video was pointed to me by my friend Pramod. That probably inspired me to write this, along with the recent events in college, that i’ll probably not write about, for another 3 months.