She was a gem

December 6, 2008

She was a gem. in whatever mankind has realized as the point of being, she was complete. It is a sad day on earth when she has to take leave. She doesn’t. She survives; in the lessons people have learnt from being with her.

Everyone, Everyone has felt her pleasantness. Her kindness shows in the words of regard from the street vegetable vendor. She has lived a life, a life of care to the ones she loved. She was like, as they say, a duck, calm and pleasant on the outside, incessantly paddling through the difficulties of life on the inside. She has had more than her share in many ways, and she has borne it with courage.

There are many kinds of people in this world, and the people who care for fellow beings, take the cake. in real, there is no cake. but there is, on the inside, for them. and it is the knowledge of this pleasure alone, that consoles me. next time they say it is not how many days we live but rather how we live that matters, i’ll remember her.

She was truly concerned; concerned in the well-being of everyone. what is the point of being , if not being like her. It is this spirit she is leaving with us, and that is the torch to our future.