Snape… Snape… Severus..Snape!

July 25, 2008

Last time they were in India, Deepta and Surabi had shown this video.. Well, for all us potter crazy ppl then, it was a very catchy tune 😛

Today, it appeared in Flock’s media bar, as YouTube’s top rated videos..

well, enjoy..
[watch until the ‘wu wu hahahah hu haha.. volde-mort, volde-mort, uh.. volde-volde-volde-voldemort‘ :D]

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friends bonazaa. week after VTU exams

July 14, 2008

Been meeting a lot of old friends over the past few days. It was some experience. Most were friends I hadn’t met in about 3-4 years.

who they are –

Arkanath – Call him up if you wanna stand for the next elections.  😀
Gopal Krishna – watch out ! This guy could design an original india sports car one day
Jai kumar – jai! His electronic hacks could be the first waves to shake hands with extraterrestrials
Pradeep – fun dude took law after preparing for IIT. Next chidambaram ?
Kruthika – can tell you 3 days newspapers contents in either 1 min or in 100 hrs
Shilpa – OMG! One disadvantage of having some readership on this blog – I can’t write true stuff on this line [oh, don’t tell me it’s a paradox. That’ll cause a deadlock (same line)]
Hari prasanna – simplicity personified! Watch him take the plunge for he know when to dive.

didn’t meet. Did talk
Vaishnavi – mortal as we are, what’s it that we’r living for! Hope is the pool, and life is the tool!
Sid – felt like I did meet him. with his poems . Sid’s siddantha (blogroll on the right)
Vinay – ditto. As with sid, Must sign a deal for a copy of all books he’ll publish. It’ll be worth millions one day. Vinya’s vinidictions

It’s a joy to meet friends. at the end, isn’t it the point of life ?

world’s longest comment

July 8, 2008

today, after readding a very interesting blog post here, i started writing in the comments. it carried on and on and on, like had never happened before! after a full blog posts’ worth of material, finally i stopped. read it here. of course if its not removed by the author for having exceeded the readers patience.

it was through my RSS reader google reader, but now you can even insert ads in feeds – check out [and google bought it recently].

and had gone https – to add new post, to change settings, everything. and 256 bits! hmm. wonder if it’ll hurt mobile bloggers. [what Sid ?]

and tag suggest! at least the first time i’m seeing it!