washing powder nirma

washing powder nirma

find it attached in the BOX.net plugin on the right panel. [lower down, blue box]

Washing powder Nirma.
Doodh-si safedi Nirma se Aaye.
Rangeen kapda bhi khil-khil jaaye.
Sub ki pasand Nirma!
Washing powder Nirma,
Washing powder Nirma. NIRMA!!

of course you can look it up in youtube. or download the .mp3 here (rename to .mp3 after download! )

kannada ad –

Washing powder Nirma. (2)
Haalinantha BiLupu Nirmadinda banthu
BaNNada batte ge phaLa-phaLa mirugu tantu!
Ellara mecchina Nirma!
Washing powder Nirma,
Washing powder Nirma. NIRMA!!


5 Responses to washing powder nirma

  1. Jothru says:

    Lol, u jobless.

  2. Hey Aditya,
    Nice to see you clogging . . . Er . . . I mean Blogging on the internet;).
    However, i thought you would have something more . . . . Er. . . Thought provoking things to write, than old washing powder jingles.;) I liked it anyway. I am adding you to my blogroll.
    Thanx for visiting my blog.
    I took a W580i, by the way,
    And all the Blogs i post, are from the phone. Cool na?
    See ya soon.

  3. Archana says:

    Hahaha….this is one of the weirdest posts i’ve come across…but liked the whacky sense of humour!…:D blog on!

  4. sudesh says:

    But the names are missing. In hindi the names would be hema..( 4other names), how about in kannada?

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