mobile game

ok. here’s a game!

go through your phone book and find two numbers that are closest to each other!

yeah i understand the complexity. don’t tell O(n) or O(n^2).

i got one with a difference of 7!

wrt the one mentioned above, i’ll give you a hint. one’s a prolific linux user in NITK and command line freak! 😀

find the other!

PS: by reading this post you are sworn into complete secrecy (reagarding this post) by farmer and soil!

PPS: ‘heights of joblessness’ khayam rahe


4 Responses to mobile game

  1. praveen says:

    i don know who the other one is because i don’t have their no. .
    But for me, i got a difference of 4. one is a guy from comps who designed a poster for me once and the other gets a lot of gpls right from 1st yr when he was in 2nd blk ground floor till now when he’s in 4th blk top floor…

  2. Anup says:

    I think i know these poeples..

  3. Nitin says:

    Hmm .. first of its its kayam 🙂
    Secondly, i found them near my working place at IBM 😀

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