Chindi Phones!

[ Chinmaya Holla has gracefully accepted to write a post on my blog. about cheap high-end chinese phones it shall be!]

All Chinese look the same to me. Are they clones of each other? Looking at the Chinese mobiles which are clones of more well-known brands, it certainly seems so. [ As an interesting but irrelevant aside,its easy to look Chinese:Screw up your eyes and make baby-talk. People will think you are Chinese ].

Chinese mobiles are value for money or that’s what the public perception is. Like that gift that we gave to Dilip. It was a football cum whistle cum weird thing. 3 things rolled into one for 10 bucks. Value for money,hanh?

chinese phones

Read the above link [ or not,its not gonna change your life[or not,who knows[or not, now i don’t care either way]] ]. One thing is called Ultra-Fashion. I mean who’d call something Ultra-Fashion unless they have a death-wish? Anyways, more to the point, it seems as if these products are loaded with features imaginable [ie if your imagination passes the IQ test ] and unimaginable [ those who don’t pass the test ] . High-end affordable phones they’re called. Oxymoron it would seem but China is a land of Oxymorons. People who get high on oxygen and are morons.

dual sim

One cool feature is dual sims with both of them functioning simultaneously. And these things are humongously big. If you are married to your phone, you still end up with an obese partner. So much so that they come with detachable additional external batteries for longevity. Bad TV viwing is an added incentive for those who want to rebel against the autocratic ways of the Satellite TV and its superior quality [ much as one would want to oppose the entry of foreign players into the Indian economy because they offer better services and products ]. Also, one of these things comes with a music player at the side. I don’t really get why I get all excited about that. And its also got an antenna for the TV part, I think, which comes in handy when poking people or clearing out ear-wax.

Verdict: The Chinese have done it again. Next in line iPhoney.

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6 Responses to Chindi Phones!

  1. Jothru says:

    Lol, value for money like Dilips present it seems. BTW, I still have the 5 rupee ball πŸ˜› to adibidi

  2. adityabheemarao says:

    that was the whistle
    how’s it doing ? still does peeeeeep peeeeeeeeeeep ? πŸ˜€

    remember the pink “pencil”-“rubber”-“mender” as praveenraj put it ? πŸ˜‰

  3. Jothru says:

    Oooohhh, so thats how he tracked me down. lol.

  4. ajey sudeep says:

    hopefully the chinese dont take offense and declare war. (i’ve heard their guns are only things not sold for a few dollars a ton).
    by the way, my friend told me about iphone clone called some ifone or something similar.

  5. adityabheemarao says:

    yea of course there are!
    let’s see what happens when it releases in India.
    this is one chance for apple to come in BIG in India.
    maybe another chance will never come. all depends on pricing!

    also, it’s got little time. iphoney’s and market competition are going to come in soon.

  6. Hee hee hee.
    It seems kidney has decided to make the phrase hindi cheenee bhai bhai completely obsolete.
    But what if says is true.
    I have myself seen a brandless dual sim, touchscreen phone, the size of a brick(none the less heavy either), including 7 speakers and a subwoofer to boot.
    Dont believe it?
    Tell me get my friend to post a pic soon:)
    But the thing is so darn large, that no one might tell the difference if you the ironbox at your ears instead:)

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