washing powder nirma

June 24, 2008

washing powder nirma

find it attached in the BOX.net plugin on the right panel. [lower down, blue box]

Washing powder Nirma.
Doodh-si safedi Nirma se Aaye.
Rangeen kapda bhi khil-khil jaaye.
Sub ki pasand Nirma!
Washing powder Nirma,
Washing powder Nirma. NIRMA!!

of course you can look it up in youtube. or download the .mp3 here (rename to .mp3 after download! )

kannada ad –

Washing powder Nirma. (2)
Haalinantha BiLupu Nirmadinda banthu
BaNNada batte ge phaLa-phaLa mirugu tantu!
Ellara mecchina Nirma!
Washing powder Nirma,
Washing powder Nirma. NIRMA!!


mobile game

June 23, 2008

ok. here’s a game!

go through your phone book and find two numbers that are closest to each other!

yeah i understand the complexity. don’t tell O(n) or O(n^2).

i got one with a difference of 7!

wrt the one mentioned above, i’ll give you a hint. one’s a prolific linux user in NITK and command line freak! 😀

find the other!

PS: by reading this post you are sworn into complete secrecy (reagarding this post) by farmer and soil!

PPS: ‘heights of joblessness’ khayam rahe

Chindi Phones!

June 20, 2008

[ Chinmaya Holla has gracefully accepted to write a post on my blog. about cheap high-end chinese phones it shall be!]

All Chinese look the same to me. Are they clones of each other? Looking at the Chinese mobiles which are clones of more well-known brands, it certainly seems so. [ As an interesting but irrelevant aside,its easy to look Chinese:Screw up your eyes and make baby-talk. People will think you are Chinese ].

Chinese mobiles are value for money or that’s what the public perception is. Like that gift that we gave to Dilip. It was a football cum whistle cum weird thing. 3 things rolled into one for 10 bucks. Value for money,hanh?


chinese phones

Read the above link [ or not,its not gonna change your life[or not,who knows[or not, now i don’t care either way]] ]. One thing is called Ultra-Fashion. I mean who’d call something Ultra-Fashion unless they have a death-wish? Anyways, more to the point, it seems as if these products are loaded with features imaginable [ie if your imagination passes the IQ test ] and unimaginable [ those who don’t pass the test ] . High-end affordable phones they’re called. Oxymoron it would seem but China is a land of Oxymorons. People who get high on oxygen and are morons.

dual sim

One cool feature is dual sims with both of them functioning simultaneously. And these things are humongously big. If you are married to your phone, you still end up with an obese partner. So much so that they come with detachable additional external batteries for longevity. Bad TV viwing is an added incentive for those who want to rebel against the autocratic ways of the Satellite TV and its superior quality [ much as one would want to oppose the entry of foreign players into the Indian economy because they offer better services and products ]. Also, one of these things comes with a music player at the side. I don’t really get why I get all excited about that. And its also got an antenna for the TV part, I think, which comes in handy when poking people or clearing out ear-wax.

Verdict: The Chinese have done it again. Next in line iPhoney.

Image Courtesy: tech2.com

roCket mail!

June 20, 2008

yahoo recently announced the rocketmail domain name now available. yahoo had once acquired a now unknown comany thereby also acquiring the rocketmail domain name and had not given out the domain name for new user since.

for the fun of it, i registered a free email account. you can mail me at adibidi@rocketmail.com and safely assume that it wont be read

aDibiDi == adi-bidi == jobless [chinmaya says]

not to forget my still existent imaginationunlimited@mad.scientist.com 😀

ubuntu hardy

June 19, 2008

yeah. after much deliberation i wrote the hardy distro to a cd and installed it. it took many attempts, the md5sum of the iso being fine. i couldn’t think of why the CD wouldn’t boot. pachi suggests that it could be a burning error. (twice, huh!) it happens to be that. the 3rd time, when i wisely use a rewritable cd – it all works fine !

anyway, why i am mentioning this at all is because – for the first time compiz does work as intended on my computer without noticeable drag.

i remember having put much effort a year and a half ago, with suse. it’d worked decently.

after i’d switched to ubuntu a little later, it never did work. i had come to believe my graphics processor won’t support it until Vista beta came along and aero worked fine ! if windows can do it. so should ubuntu. after that, every distribution release, i’ve been upgrading / installing and it hadn’t come close to working fine yet.

that’s it. it’s cool. not that it’s a wonder. but still..

PS: two unsettled issues yet – playing rmvb on totem (solved after installing realplayer for linux), and low video quality (compared to windows, yea surely).

looks good though and is visibly faster. even the internet connection seems much much faster , comes as a surprise !!

like someone said –

“Linux is only free if you don’t count your time”

but still better than my windows? where network doesn’t work. network stops working after arbit amounts of time after login.

google it. happens to many (no its not your ISP issue). try Winsock Fix. slightly better i feel, but not alright!

Hardy is good. i now only miss some 3rd party software (and better video)

long time draft. was pending publish.

sms chaos!

June 19, 2008

chintan breaks from his coding to send me this link . good one . enjoY!



June 19, 2008

Amitav Ghosh: I’m a Stephanian and when I was in St Stephens one of the things we really loved…

ah. while reading arbit IBN articles http://ibnlive.com/news/reading-between-the-lines-with-amitav-ghosh/67363-19-single.html. get this –

What’d you be called if you studied in Christ college 😛

[don’t call this a local joke]