when to make public your blog

Everyone would have a first blog


And making it public is a decision you’d have to take a call. when ? is it good enough ? lotsa questions, excpecially with first-timers. in fact,  there are more ..

Ask your PR manager.

– shubha

😀 yeah right. ( here is where it gets boring ) lotsa people are not comfortable that people they know in real life read thoughts they’d have put up on the net. and the audience is (generally) not restricted with authentication requirement. How secure really is the internet? do i really have control ? Who knows who all’d get to read my blog! can i write against somebody ? my professor? 😀 my manager ? 😉

In fact people have different blogs, and maintain anonymity in several. yet, a blog gets life many-a-times only when it is part of a network, a network of blogs or people (or spiders:D).

Alright, would this be best time to make my blog public ?

i’d say anytime is better than no time. i did say that to itrags and it still hasn’t really taken of !

great. let’s check vaastu ? it’s arbit anyway. let it be more arbit. it’s not gonna get any less arbit by doing this. ( maybe i should set an arbit quotient with every post. this post – 9 on 12)

okay this is may 16, may – jan feb apr may . 4 . sorry, jan feb mar apr may . 5 . lol. gotcha. one two three four five! aaagh FIVE

16th . aagh. 16 is 2 power x. i mean log16 is an int. it should make good vaastu. makes sense ?

ditch-all. go sleep.



8 Responses to when to make public your blog

  1. airb says:


  2. adityabheemarao says:

    word count – 256
    exact!! wow.
    need i say more .. lol
    noticed it while clicking on the publish button. wordpress is impressive!!

  3. adityabheemarao says:

    airb is a spammer..
    airb is a spammer..

  4. adityabheemarao says:

    airb is a spammer..
    airb is a spammer..

    what’s that anyway ?
    a pointer to blahblah ?

    hmm.. pretty heavy!

  5. ma65p2004 says:

    I think there is no problem making your blog public, just make sure that you don’t get too personal and emotional when you write your post. Maintain a professional tone (haha) will fool those readers who happen to know you in real life.

    Again, you can get personal but there will be consequences. I have two different blog on two different hosting services. One for my interests and the other serves as a journal.

    I have to say this, excuse my English.

  6. shubha says:

    how sleepy were you while writing this?

    do you arbit talk by choice or chance? while awake or while asleep?

    btw, kya aap LKG paas se tez hai?

  7. adityabheemarao says:

    LOL. sleepy . hmm.. lazy maybe. to think 😉

    arbit is not by choice. not that good. lol. but in a way, yeah.. coz that was by choice. gotcha!!

    hamara benchmark to hai chacha choudary..
    *chacha choudary’s brain works faster than a computer 😀

  8. Jothru says:


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