where’s the catch

May 18, 2008

as a magician talked about how most people take it as a challenge to uncover the trick behind the ‘magic’, isn’t it similar in business.

WordPress is good. it’s impressive. very impressive.. they are big,Β  constantly innovating, they are getting in major shares of the new bloggers. and most of all, there’s loads of ‘talk’ about it!!

now, the question is – what’s their business model ?

they have to have one. they host the servers that serve the pages. they pay for the spam control technologies, they maintain the portal. they develop new themes, pay the staff. and all that.. they got to be getting money from somewhere ..

i don’t see ads on wordpress. i don’t think that’s the model they are using. ( very unlike ibnlive.com, wonder if they make all their profit on their web portal πŸ˜€ ).

WordPress infact raised money about $1.1 million in angel funding. and $ 29.5 million in round B. and before that turns down a $200 million buy-out bid. founder Matt is talking big.

right. what interests the VC’s so much. social networks on the web are only now developing and placing huge bets on them does come with a risk, doesn’t it ?

anyway, coming back to wordpress’s business model – they do have paid products http://wordpress.com/products/ and VIP hosting. but how many will take it if all they want comes free..

maybe its a question of time before paid-features are more aggressively pushed. maybe they are waiting for the critical mass. But still, monetizing soial networks is still a challenge. Β  advertising, subscription, data mining, sponsorship, affiliate marketing are the general possibilities, but none looks like a viable model yet for such huge social network sites.

linkedin i think is one portal that has started a bussiness from selling contacts and information to generate revenue. It’s a great site btw.

btw, back to wodrpress’s business model again – don’t know. not returns-time yet ?

nor do i know that of orkut, youtube, facebook (ads), myspace (ads), google docs (no ads), and so many more.. do you?

reminds me of similar questions on GPL. where’s the money. that’s for another day’s post..

when to make public your blog

May 16, 2008

Everyone would have a first blog


And making it public is a decision you’d have to take a call. when ? is it good enough ? lotsa questions, excpecially with first-timers. in fact,Β  there are more ..

Ask your PR manager.

– shubha

πŸ˜€ yeah right. ( here is where it gets boring ) lotsa people are not comfortable that people they know in real life read thoughts they’d have put up on the net. and the audience is (generally) not restricted with authentication requirement. How secure really is the internet? do i really have control ? Who knows who all’d get to read my blog! can i write against somebody ? my professor? πŸ˜€ my manager ? πŸ˜‰

In fact people have different blogs, and maintain anonymity in several. yet, a blog gets life many-a-times only when it is part of a network, a network of blogs or people (or spiders:D).

Alright, would this be best time to make my blog public ?

i’d say anytime is better than no time. i did say that to itrags and it still hasn’t really taken of !

great. let’s check vaastu ? it’s arbit anyway. let it be more arbit. it’s not gonna get any less arbit by doing this. ( maybe i should set an arbit quotient with every post. this post – 9 on 12)

okay this is may 16, may – jan feb apr may . 4 . sorry, jan feb mar apr may . 5 . lol. gotcha. one two three four five! aaagh FIVE

16th . aagh. 16 is 2 power x. i mean log16 is an int. it should make good vaastu. makes sense ?

ditch-all. go sleep.



May 15, 2008

If I were to convince one person, I wouldn’t have taken the God method!


debating about God and why the concept evolved (yeah, assuming, at all..)

experience it

May 15, 2008

β€œHuman beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.”

– Douglas Adams


to disagree on it wouldn’t be much wrong ? πŸ˜€

the-post-before-the-election post

May 9, 2008


long time i know, but i’ve come to terms that this is the way it works!

12 30 am. too sleepy. but its too good a material to let pass.

elections tomo. not much campaigning i’ve seen. wonder where in karnataka the CM’s of probably 10 other states are campaigning.

it was in the news yesterday about Reliance Petroleum closing all its 1500 odd retail branches. Reason – pricing and losses with the govt selectively compensating PSU retailers. what shame. first of all to be controlling oil rates, and then for giving away someones your money to selective people for the profit of the govt. outright fraud.

And the thing about petrol prices is, it is only after govt takes away its _due_ custom duties. of how much ? around 130%, eh ? the price shows. Its where the Govt is making its money.

Shell India is also closing operations and it would be sad to see them go given their service and product quality setting new standards in the retail pertol stations. Sadly, i also think it’s the second time for Burma Shell! after 30 yrs again, at this time, when the world looks at India as a fast developing country!

On a totally unrelated note however and incidentally, i’d been to a Reliance Petro retial last week. The guy didn’t agree for payment by card. Either he was not following the guidelines or Reliance retail has a lot to learn!

Also on another unrelated note, Reliance Wellness and Reliance Jewelery have quite recently opened up in Bangalore.

How to buy a standard in 10 days ?

May 7, 2008


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