Hey, look

Look where. look out.

today, a silent yet eventful Friday. happens to be holi. and several other festivals co-incidentally. also, it rained here. lightly.

the day started with a rather “spontaneous” march to the Director’s house at 1 am in the morning – about 150 ppl walking for a cause – “Secure basic needs of living”. Anyway, let’s see if http://thenitknumbskulls.wordpress.com/ will cover it. or maybe someone else. (btw, a bloggers meet being planned. let’s see how it does if it happens)

lots of news going around. several items came up today.

From Taslima to Tibet, India proves Chicken – Jug Suraiya

Indian government’s failure to protect Indian workers – forced Indian laborers at US

and India still thumbs-down to Open XML

whatt ? hah. yea. what thou say?

yea, long time since last post. will comment on the dynamics of the frequency of posting and many other things later. currently “wiser” than 1-post-per-day.

reminder to talk about triviality of things, water conservation advice, habbits on keyboard, usability of gadgets. bugs in software, and maybe umbrella shopping!!

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