ha!, mis-guiding media

the very-recently posted link on “Open XML” is not the open office ODF that i confused it for but the MIscrosoft’s OOXML

Here’s a better link –
India to vote against Microsoft’s OXML, against wishes of IT cos

wonder how better. if the previous one took a Microsoft’s perspective (okay recent troubles in management is no excuse) this one only talks about two other companies that would prefer Microsoft’s OOXML. what about all the thousand small companies  and future innovators and the academia and and the general public, the future users. Sad.

a few ppl might jump in and mention the TOI quality showing. it’s not that. what’s CNET doing. it’s not even about that. If information is power, what’s the validation for it?

answering the few “potential” statements- other media players won’t even probably give a damn. they’ll probably have news tomo of the prime minister celebrating holi and that in tamil nadu there was joy all over. haha. it’ll never cover this. probably not even when OOXML is voted out, or in .

okay, fine. what really matters?  ( in the universal namespace 😉
worth a thought. 🙂

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